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Our Mission is to help battle the opioid epidemic and promote consciousness to eliminate the stigma that encompasses this disease.

We support those struggling with addiction and their families by granting donations to further the recovery process, assist with placement into detox and rehab, entry fees into sober living homes, transportation to treatment, basic living needs, and if the co-pay is affordable ~ MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment).


In America, over 192 people die per day from Opioids.

King's Crusade believes through awareness and education we will reach our ultimate goal-to help save lives and spare families the pain that addiction can bring. We host fun and educational events in the community, speak at regional events, support community events with information and resource tables, awareness events, we will meet with school systems, government and community leaders to discuss furthering and improving awareness and education in communities. We are highly active in educating through social media, print, and TV media as we strive to bring awareness to the cycle of addiction. We work to find the best resources available to those in need of recovery.


More people die from drugs than car accidents.


King's Crusade strategically builds relationships that help empower and strengthen the people on the front lines who are working to end this epidemic. King's Crusade is involved with advocacy by attending vigils, walks, events and conferences. We are very connected with our "Crusaders" in the recovery community and keep them informed of updates pertaining to our mission.



Drugs kill more millennials than Cancer does.

Donations raised by King’s Crusade are dispersed as they become available to those that are ready to surrender and start a life of recovery. We help those whose basic needs for intervention, detox, rehab, IOP and sober living cannot be met through traditional channels.  Each step is crucial to begin the recovery and healing process.  We are here to support the families of the loved ones struggling and those who have lost a loved one to the battle. 

King's Crusade understands that recovery is a personal process and we meet those wherever they are in their journey.

We are non-discriminatory and serve the public on a first need basis. We provide resources to those with or without insurance looking for detox, residential treatment and/or IOP.  

We assist those in need of a sober living environment by providing a "gift" through our donations towards the move in fee.

We also have the ability through those donations to coordinate transportation to detox/rehab if you have none. 

Above all, and most importantly, we believe in a stigma free, understanding and caring environment as we work to help those who need us.

On average, a sober living move in fee costs $500-$600

A ride to treatment ranges from $35-$150

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